The PGA Tour shared Brooks Kopeka's Yardage Matrix on their Facebook Page-How well do you know your yardages?

Our Books have a yardage matrix ready for your creation. Use a rangefinder to really nail your yardages. Always, consider weather conditions and elevation as well. You should have 3 to 4 different shots for your wedges to log. This way you can cover all distances from 100 and in. 3 yards is 10 feet, which could be the difference between a par and a birdie. Laser rangefinders have made this meticulous task much easier. Everyone who wants to lower their score should do this first.--Know your yardages! 


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  • 3 yards is 10 feet? A yard is 3 feet last time I checked. Isn’t 3 yards 9 feet?

    Dean Lundquist

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