Golf Secret #4 How far do you hit each club? I bet you don't know. Tour Pro's do.

Lasers and GPS have made knowing your yardages easier than ever. Yet most golfers don't have a clue as to how wind, rain and temperature can affect this stat.
Tour golfers are often seen writing something in their yardage book and you can tell its more than their score. Very often they are writing down 4 things. They all center around how far their clubs are carrying in various conditions. These three things are charted during the round and are live to the current conditions.

1. What club they hit into the green.
2. What was the wind direction.
3. How far the ball carried
4. How far the ball rolled after it hit the green.

The note would look something like this    6 < 178/184  

In this case the player knows he is currently hitting a 6 iron, in right to left wind, with 178 yards of carry, and about 6 yards of roll out.

This note is a live yardage guide that shows exact yardages for current conditions. A tour pro references these notes to hit the correct club to the correct distance on that  very day. One reason why they can hit irons so close to the pin on a consistent basis.

Why is it so important? Because, what your wearing, how loose you are, how wet or firm the greens are, humidity, elevation, time of day, and many other factors influence how far a ball will carry and roll out.

Now go out there and figure out your yardages and hit it close!





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